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Safe & Effective Clog Removal

Tough clogs in a drain or sewer line require the best tools and equipment. At Trenchless Sewer Plumbing Inc., our plumbers in Los Angeles have the training and experience to provide hydro jetting for virtually any drainage issue. The high-pressure water jetting equipment is efficient for clearing everything from simple clogs in a drain to tree roots in the sewer line.

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What Is Hydro Jetting? 

A hydro jet is a more advanced plumbing tool for clearing drains. It contains a high-pressure hose with special nozzles that guides a hose through the length of a pipe that pressurizes the water, whose force makes the drain free from clogs.

When Hydro Jetting Is Needed 

Hydro jetting is a great tool for removing obstructions in drain pipes and sewer lines. This method is frequently used for severe clogs and blockages anywhere in your drainage system. Hydro jetting may be needed for drains that won’t drain at all, backed-up drains, unpleasant odors, or drains that make bubbling or gurgling noises. 

Hydro Jetting Offers Benefits That Include: 

  • The power to remove the toughest obstructions
  • Completely cleaning out the inside of the pipe
  • Flexible enough for clogs anywhere in the drainage system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lasting solutions for problem drains

While this method is excellent for blockages, you don’t have to wait for the drain to become completely clogged to schedule your hydro jetting in Los Angeles, CA. We recommend booking your service when you first notice a drainage problem, so we can clear the clog before it causes even more damage. A clogged drain can cause water damage, and a clogged sewer line may result in sewage backing up in your drains. 

If you are dealing with a drainage problem in Los Angeles, call (323) 471-1120  or contact us online today to learn if hydro jetting is the best solution.


How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting is also known as high-pressure water jetting. This method of clearing drainpipes can be compared to pressure washing. It works on the same basic principle of using water pressure to clear away debris, but the hydro jetting equipment works under much higher water pressure. We offer hydro jetting in Los Angeles and beyond to eliminate clogs in drains and sewer lines. 

The hydro jetting machine uses a flexible hose and specialized nozzles. The nozzles direct the water pressure where it is needed. This allows us to clear clogs anywhere in the drainage system. Hydro jetting is safe for plumbing pipes, as long as they are in good condition and not corroded. We start with an inspection to ensure that hydro jetting is safe for your Los Angeles pipes. 

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Solving & Preventing Drainage Problems

Hydro jetting is effective for dislodging debris and clogs from drain lines, as well as preventing future drain problems. In addition to providing this service to deal with a clog, we offer hydro jetting in Los Angeles as preventative maintenance. If you have a problem with recurring drains, we recommend having high-pressure water jetting done at least once a year to prevent new clogs from forming.

We have more than 30 years of experience in our industry and come highly recommended by many of our satisfied customers. Whether you have a difficult clog in a drain or the main sewer line, we offer expert high-pressure water jetting service in LA with upfront, flat-rate pricing.

Get in touch with us at (323) 471-1120 for quality service from skilled Los Angeles hydro jetting professionals.

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